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This Month in Rust OSDev: April 2023

Welcome to a new issue of "This Month in Rust OSDev". In these posts, we give a regular overview of notable changes in the Rust operating system development ecosystem.

This series is openly developed on GitHub. Feel free to open pull requests there with content you would like to see in the next issue. If you find some issues on this page, please report them by creating an issue or using our comment form at the bottom of this page.

Infrastructure and Tooling

In this section, we collect recent updates to rustc, cargo, and other tooling that are relevant to Rust OS development.

No updates were proposed for this section this month.

Announcements, News, and Blog Posts

Here we collect news, blog posts, etc. related to OS development in Rust.

rust-osdev Projects

In this section, we give an overview of notable changes to the projects hosted under the rust-osdev organization.


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Other Projects

In this section, we describe updates to Rust OS projects that are not directly related to the rust-osdev organization. Feel free to create a pull request with the updates of your OS project for the next post.


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We merged the following changes to the Writing an OS in Rust blog this month:

I also continued writing on the upcoming third edition of the blog. I finished a draft of the second post, which is about booting using v0.11 of the bootloader crate. You can already read it on GitHub if you like.

Join Us?

Are you interested in Rust-based operating system development? Our rust-osdev organization is always open to new members and new projects. Just let us know if you want to join! A good way for getting in touch is our gitter channel.