Rust OSDev Operating System Development in Rust


In this section, we present interesting operating system projects written in Rust. Feel free to add your own project by creating a pull request.

CLUU (Compact Lightweight Unix Utopia)

License Documentation Repository

CLUU is a hobby operating system being written in Rust - in the active development phase - targeting x86_64 and with plans to support aarch64 in the future. The project is made for fun and joy, drawing inspiration from various operating systems and projects while incorporating unique approaches and ideas.

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The Hermit Operating System

Hermit is a unikernel project, that is completely written in Rust. Unikernels are application images that directly contain the kernel as a library, so they do not require an installed operating system (OS). They are typically used in virtualized environments, which build the backbone of typical cloud and edge infrastructures.

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